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Ghirardelli Chocolate Premium Hot Cocoa

Ghirardelli Chocolate - Premium Hot Cocoa

Ghirardelli Chocolate - Premium Hot Cocoa

Next up in the hot choc tasting, is Ghirardelli Chocolate. This American brand is just starting out in the Australian market and places itself at the premium end of the scale. The chocolate itself I’ve only seen for sale in David Jones Food Hall. This almost 500g (454g) tin of chocolate stuff, is big and heavy, and was purchased at my local Wooloworths. Reading the ingredients, I’m heartened to see that Corn Flour/Starch isn’t the second listed! The top ingredient is sugar. Lot’s and lot’s of sugar! In contrast to the La Bella, this hot chocolate, or cocoa to be more precise, is much more chocolate-y, and a lot sweeter. The recommended method is 4 tablespoons of powder into your hot milk. I stopped at 3. That’s how sweet it is. So sweet, that even me, noted and renowned sugar fiend, can’t finish my cup!

Ghirardelli Premium Hot Cocoa

Ghirardelli Premium Hot Cocoa


Din Tai Fung – World Square

I finally made it to Din Tai Fung! After reading Helen’s review on Grab Your Fork, and Not Quite Nigella’s review, I couldn’t wait to try this place out.

We got there super early, straight after work, as we had heard about the queues. We didn’t have to wait long, 3 minutes! That’s less time than it takes Madonna and JT to save the world!

You can see the highlight and the specialty of the restaurant as soon as you walk up: the Dumpling Lab. Men and women decked out in white with masks, hats and gloves turning out piles of perfect dumplings.

The Dumpling Lab

The Dumpling Lab

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At Last!

The NSW Food Authority has started publishing the details of restuarants and assorted food outlets fined for various offences. This is a long overdue measure and ensures that food outlets in NSW not only lift their game, but keep those standards high.

La Bella Cioccolata

La Bella Hot Chocolate

I grabbed this La Bella Cioccolata at the supermarket this afternoon as a little treat for such a chilly day. I was taken in by the great marketing. My suspicions were aroused by the ingredient list that listed no actual chocolate, but rather cocoa, sugar and corn starch, a.k.a. corn flour, the great white thickener!
Straight up. Yuck. Not even decent cocoa for a good chocolatey flavour. Would not recommend this at all. There are many, many other hot chocolate products out there, from the premium Lindt and Haigh’s, to supermarket brands such as Heaven, that are a gazillion times better than this one!

Close up - La Bella Hot Chocolate

Micky’s – Paddington

It’s been a very long while since I’ve been here, years in fact. But never for dinner. The last time I recall eating here it was something along the lines of brunch in the courtyard.

Having taken advantage of all our Entertainment Book vouchers applicable in our immediate area, we are having to wander slightly further afield. On this particularly chilly night, we were after somewhere warm and welcoming, and for a Tuesday date night, this fit the bill perfectly.

Micky’s is buzzing and warm when we walk in, and we’re greeted by very smiley waitress. Our table is up the front facing Oxford Street, and is thoroughly wiped down for us as we sit down.

The menu at Micky’s is extensive and surprisingly, expensive. I’m not sure what Micky’s is aiming for with it’s prices for mains hovering up around the $20-$30 mark. Is it a cafe? Is it a restaurant? It’s menu also includes breakfast, cakes and snacks….Anyway, whatever it is, it’s fairly solid.

excuse the slight blur - the boyfriend wasn't comfortable with me taking photos of the food

I order a cup of Rooibos tea, and my boyfriend settles on a white chocolate and raspberry thickshake. The shake is huge and creamy. I have a little taste, and it indeed super yummy. In fact so yummy, that it’s gone before our food arrives!

The loved one’s pizza looks good, though the topping looks somewhat sparse. Is that because we’re too used to piling the toppings on at home? Maybe, but towards the end of the pizza he notes that he “should have put salt on earlier as it’s much tastier that way!”

My lamb moussaka, is super rich and tasty and a solid slab. the white sauce is creamy and not lumpy or floury, and the mince rich with tomato. Only needed a touch of salt. The side salad, however. Errgh! I hate dressing on salads as a rule. I especially hate drowned salads. Even the Loved One noticed how the salad was glistening in it’s pool of oil and mustard seed dressing!

Lamb Moussaka and drowned salad

Lamb Moussaka and drowned salad

All in all, good solid food, nothing inspiring, bit pricey, but lovely service makes up for the boring food.

Micky’s Cafe
268 Oxford Street

Food Media Club – People’s Choice Award

Australian Food Media Club

Australian Food Media Club

The Food Media Club is running their annual Food Media Awards, including the brand new People’s Choice Award. This award is to recognise those people who have won the category of the “Best Overall Contribution to the Communication of Food” over the last 7 years, and to gauge their public influence. Nominees include, Bill Granger, Maggie Beer, Joanna Saville, Stephanie Alexander and, Your Mother.

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What is: Szechuan Pepper?

Szechuan pepper is not related to black pepper, and is the outer pod of the fruit of the “Flower pepper”. The seed is not used.