Burgerman, Darlinghurst

My partner and I have date night every week. Tuesday is our preferred day. This week we headed over to Burgerman in Darlinghurst to take advantage of our discount voucher from our Entertainment Book.

Neither of us had visited for quite some time. My partner is on a mission to find the best Wagyu beef burgers in Sydney, and had come to love those offered at The Clock Hotel in Surry Hills, before they were taken off the menu. He’s also tried the burger at the White Horse Hotel, and Bill’s interpretation.

Me, being back on my eating plan wanted to be good. So I settled on a grilled fish burger, with rocket and coriander and lime paste. Now, I’ve never had a fish burger. Never had a McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish, and had always found the concept of a fish burger quite weird. Somewhat like chicken on pizza. Odd. But this was gorgeous. Two rather large pieces of fish, not oily, or overcooked. Fresh bun, still with tomato relish and iceberg lettuce in addition to the rocket. The paste was fantastic, the whole thing tasting really fresh, light and zingy! Yum!

Partner commented on the quality of his burger overall, noting that it was the best burger he’d had in ages. No fancy wagyu required around here…

116 Surrey St
Darlinghurst, NSW 2010
(02) 9361 0268


One response to “Burgerman, Darlinghurst

  1. Burgerman is a favourite! The lamb burger is the best. Chips are very good too.

    There is no competition for Burgerman.

    John x

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