Monthly Archives: August 2008

Nest Cafe

Sunday morning. Breakfast with one of my closest, oldest friends. She has been up all weekend supporting her husband who completed the Oxfam Trail Walk, and was keen for an actual sit down meal and gossip.Usually we meet half way at Forbes & Burton, but today we headed to her side of the hood and I ventured into the wilds of Potts Point.

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The Met Cafe

Have had an insanely busy week, hence no posting…put on a conference and now working on another major project at work.

To get me through the past week, and this week of madness, I rely on coffee. Good coffee. I drink my coffee black, so can really taste when it’s bad.

I get my coffee every day I’m at the office from The Met Cafe, at the Met Centre at Wynyard in the city.

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Sunday afternoon at the Powerhouse Museum Youngblood Design Markets and so close to chinatown we could smell the szechuan pepper! Then discovering that my desk buddy, Skye, had never had Yum Cha!
Oh the horror! How she has got through 27 years without knowing the pleasures of this ultimate cuisine, I just don’t know!

Off we went quicksmart over to the Dragon Star Seafood Restaurant (formerly Kam Fook) on the top floor of Market City, after a quick powow.

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A Little Lunch and Fratelli Fresh

Ah bliss! A whole day, no plans, mostly all to myself…couldn’t ask for anything more….

The day started with a minor disappointment when I headed over to EQ Markets to grab some eggs from Cornucopia and they weren’t there! Bugger! It was a nice ride anyway….So on to Fratelli Fresh in Waterloo.

This is my favourite fruit and veg place. Why? Well, first it’s seasonal. If it’s in season, it’s there, cheap, and fantastic quality. Also, they have a range of very tasty Italian specialty groceries, such as oil, vinegar, pasta etc and awesomely cheap Vittorio coffee. In addition, they stock meats and poultry from AC Butchery, as well as great range of cheeses….

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Gundowring Ice Cream

mmmyumicecream……I’ve been trying to be good and back on my eating plan, have my pedometer strapped to my hip and keeping a food diary…but all that doesn’t overcome the need for chocolate!

My boyfriend was demanding dessert, so I stopped into Healthy U and grabbed some very expensive Gundowring Finest Ice Cream. I really wanted to try a bunch of the other flavours like Spice and Orange & Cardamom, but thought I’d go for the classic

$10.50 later, and post dinner, I cracked open the tub…gorgeous consistency. That really light, yet creamy, fluffy thing that happens. Probably as I didn’t have it in the freezer for very long.

It was very tasty ice cream, and very sweet, but didn’t have as strong a chocolate flavour as I was expecting for the price I paid. Though it will certainly not be a burden polishing the rest of this off…perhaps an affogato tomorrow?

The Australian Hotel

A colleague at work is leaving soon, and as we reside on different floors we don’t get to see each other much. So we decided to go have lunch at the Australian Hotel, not too far from our office. We’ve all come here before and are familiar with the menu.

Of the five of us, three go for pizzas, while two of the boys opted for the lamb shanks. It was pretty cool, but the little bit of sun in combo with the outdoor heaters provided enough warmth to get us through until our food arrived.

First up was the Queenslander pizza, covered in bacon…Bit too much bacon, it seems, as about 1/3 of it was left behind. However, the pizzas were exactly the right size.

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Sparkle Cupcakery

I got up early this morning for a haircut. On the way back I stopped into the newly opened Sparkle Cupcakery on Foveaux Street, Surry Hills. This space most recently hosted a French/Viet bakery and previously Blondes, Brunettes, Redheads Hair Salon.

I’ve been watching with interest as the facade has been painted white with black trim. Looks great. Stepping inside the space is like stepping inside the poshest, chicest beauty parlour, but it’s cupcakes not skin creams that take centre stage. The room is long and narrow with a glass screen stopping the members of the public breathing all over the cupcakes, with another area dedicated to decorating, so you can watch the staff in action. The cupcakes are colour coded with small sugar dics to assist you in choosing and distinguishing your purchases later.

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