Daily Archives: August 2, 2008

Degustation at Becasse

Ah! Where do I start?

After an unseasonably warm start to the day, the afternoon and evening turned cold and blustery…perfect weather for sitting around inside eating! As we teetered on our high heels down Clarence Street, we were heartened and warmed by the lovely greeting on our arrival. The main dining room at Becasse is all understated chocolates and beige’s, with a kitchen down one end and a mezzanine above.

After settling in at a table in the front part of the restaurant we were offered the special Truffle degustation, an offer that looked amazing, though far more pricey than what we were about to order!

The degustation is an experience. It’s not something you do everyday, and as such it’s pricey, and more so with matching wines. Though, without being a wine expert I’d hazard a guess that the matching wines at $120 per person is actually quite reasonable…? I don’t know, you tell me?

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