Over at Grab Your Fork, Helen/Augustus Gloop has published the best, easy cupcake recipe ever. I love it. I’ve made it three times in the last two weeks. The variation below is the basic chocolate recipe livened up with some frozen raspberries. I added the raspberries to the batter just before I popped them in the tin and they didn’t seize (I’ve had batter seize previously when frozen stuff was added)…The decorations comprised of mini m & m’s, the coloured icing stuff and cachous….


3 responses to “Mmmm…Cupcakes…..

  1. Yay!
    Dont eat them all, I want some for tea tomorrow.
    Your obviously feeling much better…

  2. Yum, and isn’t it the best recipe ever? I’m hesitant to try any other 🙂

    Yours look great. Love the decorations!

  3. I love it too – I have made it twice in about 3 days! Next stop is turkish delight cupcakes. Thanks Reem/Helen/Nigella.

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