Gundowring Ice Cream

mmmyumicecream……I’ve been trying to be good and back on my eating plan, have my pedometer strapped to my hip and keeping a food diary…but all that doesn’t overcome the need for chocolate!

My boyfriend was demanding dessert, so I stopped into Healthy U and grabbed some very expensive Gundowring Finest Ice Cream. I really wanted to try a bunch of the other flavours like Spice and Orange & Cardamom, but thought I’d go for the classic

$10.50 later, and post dinner, I cracked open the tub…gorgeous consistency. That really light, yet creamy, fluffy thing that happens. Probably as I didn’t have it in the freezer for very long.

It was very tasty ice cream, and very sweet, but didn’t have as strong a chocolate flavour as I was expecting for the price I paid. Though it will certainly not be a burden polishing the rest of this off…perhaps an affogato tomorrow?


One response to “Gundowring Ice Cream

  1. argh! this is my favourite brand, the raspberry and french vanilla kill me.

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