The Australian Hotel

A colleague at work is leaving soon, and as we reside on different floors we don’t get to see each other much. So we decided to go have lunch at the Australian Hotel, not too far from our office. We’ve all come here before and are familiar with the menu.

Of the five of us, three go for pizzas, while two of the boys opted for the lamb shanks. It was pretty cool, but the little bit of sun in combo with the outdoor heaters provided enough warmth to get us through until our food arrived.

First up was the Queenslander pizza, covered in bacon…Bit too much bacon, it seems, as about 1/3 of it was left behind. However, the pizzas were exactly the right size.

Then came my pizza, what I always get, the Moroccan Lamb with couscous, lamb, eggplant and goats cheese, and apparently roasted vegetables. I say apparently only because the roasted vegetables consisted of very finely cubed pieces of zucchini and eggplant that were blink and you’ll miss them! Personally, I wouldn’t have mentioned these ingredients on the menu as the amount was so small! But I do like this pizza as it’s very tasty and not as heavy on the cheese as some of the others…Two of the boys went classic and had the lamb shanks: They must have been good as the plates were clean at the end. But we were a little puzzled by the deep fried objects on top. Turned out they were onion rings:

Last but not least was the spicy chorizo sausage pizza with olives and caramelised onions. I love this pizza, very tasty whenever I’ve had it in the past. Just a little on the oily side for me:

My only criticism is that the food came out in dribs and drabs, with one person starting just as others were finishing. As usual, a very pleasant way to spend lunch, at a reasonable and tasty pub.

The Australian Heritage Hotel
100 Cumberland Street
The Rocks


2 responses to “The Australian Hotel

  1. Hi there! It was great to meet you today. I’d never seen your blog before so I came to check it out – I googled Sparkles Cupcakes to get here!
    The company I’m working for actually owns the Aussie Hotel, the office is just down the road. Maybe we could catch up for lunch one day! What other good places are there for lunch in the Rocks?

  2. Hi Lisa

    That sounds like an excellent plan! There are heaps of places around for us to check out… 🙂

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