Central Baking Depot

Mmm Baked goods…I love baked goods. I love Bourke Street Bakery in Surry Hills. I love Le Pain Quotidien. I love Christopher’s Cake Shop, again,  in Surry Hills. I now also love Central Baking Depot. A hop, skip and a block away from my office!

The crew behind Bourke Street Bakery also supply this little place with delicious pies, sausage rolls and other tasty treats, while the in house staff also prepare sourdoughs and other items on the premises. They also do an afternoon bake so there’s loaves ready to take home in the evening. How clever are they!???

I have to admit that I’m a regular here (though I try not to be in concession to my waistline), but I can’t help but love this place. The noise, the queues (though fast moving) and not least, the food.  The food!? Where do I start? Maybe with lunch? Today we grabbed a couple of sangers and headed straight for the sunshine of the park.

First up was the Lamb sandwich with babaghanoush, red capsicum jam, fetta, basil and baby spinach. It may not have had all this in it, but I’m sure it was close. It all varies on the day.

My choice today was the vege option with roast pumpkin, lentils, roast capsicum, basil, fetta and rocket:

All sandwiches are $6.50. That’s right, gourmet sandwiches in the city for $6.50! Today we didn’t indulge in the flourless chocolate cake (to die for), the coffee (pretty damn good) the soup of the day (I last had tomato, it was very tasty and huge serving), pizza (you have to eat in and have it heated up) or any other of the treats they have hiding away.

I’m a particular fan of the sourdoughs: Hazelnut and Sultana, Sweet Cassis and the Sour Cherry, Walnut & Fennel (my favourite). As with Bourke Street Bakery, different flavour loaves are baked on different days. Lucky for me they always seem to be sold out of the Raspberry & Dark chocolate muffins (my boyfriend’s fave) and today I discovered a morsel called “Lemon Pillows”. Something to add to the list of things to try…

Central Baking Depot
37-39 Erskine Street
02 9290 2229


One response to “Central Baking Depot

  1. I’ve always meant to try their sandwiches as I’d heard they were good so thanks for your pictures 🙂 $6.50 for a sandwich that quality is a steal in this city! Must go back very soon….

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