Until yesterday, it felt like summer…and last night I had my second mango of the season….yum…


4 responses to “Summer…

  1. Yes you’ve reminded me of the upcoming Mango season and I’ve got a recipe for Mango Pudding that I’m dying to make! 🙂

  2. I love mangoes with sticky rice and coconut milk 😀

  3. 2 mangoes already? Jeez, w’ell start calling you Miss Money Bags!! Or are they cheaper down your way? Up here in the north of north Syders I’ve not seen them for less than (wait for it) $5.50 each!
    **Clutches chest, staggers, faints and falls to ground**

  4. The mangoes were $2.98 and have subsequently gone up to $3.98 at my local Woolies. I also scored a punnet of fresh raspberries for $3.88 and I am rationing them incredibly carefully! Blueberries also going for same. I am wondering how much they are at Fratelli…

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