Monthly Archives: October 2008

The Establishment

I’m all alone in the office. My deskbuddy and a bunch of other staff are out at Broken Hill at a conference. So my friend JB got wind of this and asked me out to lunch! Yay! someone to talk to! He suggested the Establishment…oohh good choice. Haven’t been there for ages!

You have to give it to Justin Hemmes. Via the Merivale empire, he has become the party guy of Sydney, first with the Establishment, Hotel CBD, Lotus, Slipp Inn, and newbie The Ivy and the list goes on, and on…
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Milo B-Smart

I have a major addiction to sugar, specifically sugar contained in chocolate. This is obviously not so good for my figure. So to deal with some of my cravings I’ve been trialling Milo B-Smart.

Apparently this has 25% less sugar and fat than regular Milo, and is fortified with extra iodine and iron.

I don’t always eat it with milk, and have found sprinkling over banana is also very good. Adding it to milk seems to dilute the chocolatey malty goodness a little too much for me!


So this tin lives on my desk, and I reach for it when trying to avoid the bad stuff…

What do you reach for when you’re trying to be good?

All day eating

I like birthdays a lot. Mine in particular. So I decided to eat my way through the day.

I started with lunch at the Hawkesbury Harvest Markets, with a chorizo roll from Eumundi Smokehouse, I also stopped by to see ChocolateSuze and grab some biscotti! Yum! As a little gift she also gave me a little gingerbread man, who remains uneaten!

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The Falconer

Tuesday night “Date night” and I usually don’t get to take pics as the boyfriend doesn’t like it. But I’ve been so keen to get to this place that I took pics regardless!

The Falconer is a little gem on Oxford St, down near Hyde Park. It used to be a Diner/Cafeteria called Aristotle’s that had been there many years and had a loyal following…

About 3-4 months ago, the windows were covered up and it was soon apparent that Aristotle’s was gone…What replaced it, was a cool, funky little cafe/bar/restaurant, desperately needed at this arse end of Oxford St, which is dominated by fast food chains…

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Chocolate Cake

Wonderful Lorraine at Not Quite Nigella is currently running a competition for the best chocolate cake recipe. How could I resist!

This recipe was given to me after I harassed my friend Penny for it over a couple of years. She finally gave it up, and though reluctant to share, share I will. It’s a very simple melt and mix cake, and it’s success is in the quality of the ingredients and careful baking. It’s rich and dense and chocolatey. Enjoy!

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Broad Beans

You know, being of Middle Eastern background I am very familiar with Broad Beans, but of the dried and long cooked variety, so it’s been a revelation to come across fresh Broad Beans. In Egypt, Falafel are made with Broad Beans instead of Chickpeas, and are also the heart of the traditional breakfast of Ful Medames, long cooked mushed beans topped with oil, garlic, cumin and lemon and scooped up with fresh bread…yum!

So yesterday I was ecstatic to see that they are back in season and $5.95/Kg! I bought a big bag full, and came home and meditated on what I should do with them. A salad? Yeah, but I didn’t feel like a salad for dinner, so I googled “Broad Beans + Asparagus recipe” and found a lovely recipe for a Green Risotto.

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Strangers with Candy

Breakfast..perhaps my favourite meal. Nah, scratch that, I like too many things to have one favourite, but I do quite enjoy it. I also enjoy catching up with Cakes & Chops, my very expectant parent friends who live far away in the suburbs. Breakfast is always a good option for us, as it means they can come in early, enjoy my company and then have enough time to go and do other things they need in the city. Cakes and I also almost share a birthday, hers next Friday and mine next Saturday. So, in combination with the expectedeness and our birthdays we decide to have birthday breaky!

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