After a relatively busy day, and late-ish evening celebrating a friends birthday down at the Opera Bar (stopped in and checked out the Guylian Cafe on the way) Boyfriend and I,   particularly I, were desperate for dinner.

As it was late-ish (around 8pm) take away was the only option. Boyfriend’s favourite is Mad Mex. I like it, but don’t feel like mexican tonight, so we settle on a regular haunt, Snakebean.

We’ve been ordering in food from here pretty much since they opened. It’s a teeny little space, but really, it’s so cheap, not greasy or heavy, with “normal portion” sizes (what you should eat rather than what you do eat), and just super fresh and tasty goodness.

We are, however, habits of creature and stick to our favourites. For me, I start with the vegetarian rice paper rolls:

Super light, tasty and surprisingly filling..with yummy dipping sauce that’s not too hot, but tamarind-y and sweet.

I then move on to the chicken larb, another really fresh, light dish. It look huge in this pic only because it’s sitting on some rice..and I really like the cabbage…and I’m not a fan of cabbage.

Boyfriend orders his usual: Spicy beef  stirfry with peppercorns:

Now, I never usually order dessert from here (it’s my healthy take away option), but the recent review in the Sydney Morning Herald raved about their Sago pudding. Lucky for me it was on last night:

According to the SMH the purpley things nestled in the pudding are “monkey bananas” I’ll try and find out more… This dessert was outstanding, gooey coconut custard-cream (heart attack), with a little salty goodness from some peanuts to balance the creamy sweetness, combined with the firm texture of the bananas, which are not “banana flavoured”. Good job. Will definitely be having this again.

95 Oxford Street
02 9380 8808


3 responses to “Snakebean

  1. Cool! So your boyfriend is getting used to you taking photos now?

  2. No, these pics were taken at home, though he wasn’t averse to letting me take restaurant pics. I was just too tired and cranky to do it!

  3. No, Da Boyfriend still objects 🙂

    Rightly So 🙂

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