Sydney Food Bloggers Meet Up, Part 2 Dessert

So, in my last post, there wasn’t quite enough space for dessert, and I have a crazy sweet tooth!

There were the ubiquitous custard tarts, as well as the mango pancakes and mango pudding with condensed milk.

New discoveries included steamed Thousand Layer cake, and these divine honey glazed custard buns (these were bready buns, as opposed to steamed type buns). Sago pudding with rockmelon and honeydew also featured. Fruit salad served in a whole hollowed out watermelon was also on the menu but we all chose the unhealthy options instead!

There we were, finally sated and stuffed! The evidence of our consumption remained in front of us…

I had such a good time meeting these great people who love and are as passionate about food, cooking and eating as I. They have certainly inspired me to raise the standard of my photos and to push outside my comfort zone when it comes to cooking and tasting!

East Ocean
421 Sussex Street
02 9212 4198

2 responses to “Sydney Food Bloggers Meet Up, Part 2 Dessert

  1. looking forward to reading more of your reviews. sounds like it was a great event.
    s 🙂

  2. Thanks Simon! Maybe next time you should come along…The more the merrier!

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