Cartoons and plates

My great friend Mitch in New York sent me this the other day, and I had to share….food blogging is now being satirised in the Wall Street Journal. Very impressive.


So after our blogger meet up, I popped into Thai Kee IGA (check out Helen’s post from a while back with her great pics) in the Market City complex to go on a hunt for interesting plates. Why? Well, my friend Phil sent me some pics of the most gloriously decorated cupcakes I’ve ever seen! These cupcakes were made by Lolo at VeganYumYum, whose blog I was fascinated and inspired by. She wrote a post about photographing food, and mentioned the importance of the right dishes, and suggested buying just one or two plates/dishes that you like for your photographs, instead of whole sets, so you end up with a range of interesting backgrounds, but suggests the majority be white, as obviously white always looks so good. So this is what I got, all for under $50! I love Chinatown!

I know, they’re patterned and coloured, but they were so pretty!


5 responses to “Cartoons and plates

  1. I *love* that Wall Street clipping! If only!

    And I do love browsing the crockery aisle at Thai Kee. I tend to stalk op-shop kitchenware – I’ve picked up lots of random bowls and plates with food photography in mind. Most are $1-$2 and it’s quite amazing what you can find.

  2. That cartoon is funny and so true. I think I can even see a camera bag on the guy’s shoulder 😉

    As for those knitting cupcakes, they’re nothing short of absolutely amazing!

  3. Thanks for the link to the post on taking food photos. Makes me realise how much there is to learn (well, all I know is that I don’t know much!).

  4. Hi Helen, my mission is now to improve my crokery collection as well as take better photographs!

    Lorraine, I too was blown away by those knit intricate…

    Belle, I know what you mean. I felt like a complete amateur at Yum Cha when everyone pulled out these huge cameras!

  5. So when are you going to make those cakes?
    I did pass it on to you for nothing… 😉
    I’ll shoot it for you!

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