Strangers with Candy

Breakfast..perhaps my favourite meal. Nah, scratch that, I like too many things to have one favourite, but I do quite enjoy it. I also enjoy catching up with Cakes & Chops, my very expectant parent friends who live far away in the suburbs. Breakfast is always a good option for us, as it means they can come in early, enjoy my company and then have enough time to go and do other things they need in the city. Cakes and I also almost share a birthday, hers next Friday and mine next Saturday. So, in combination with the expectedeness and our birthdays we decide to have birthday breaky!

I’ve heard a lot of great things about Strangers With Candy and had made a point of walking by on my way to Danks St, to check it out. A gorgeous little converted corner terrace, it sits at the end of Kepos St in Redfern looking at the ugly little service station across the road. That aside, I love the location, for it’s out of the way-ness and it’s proximity to the lovely foodie heaven, Danks St.

We grabbed a table outside as it was such a gorgeous day, so I didn’t actually go inside at all, so can’t comment on interiors, or the courtyard that I think they have out the back. What I can say, however, is that I was very impressed with the service. Very un-Sydney. No attitude, prompt and efficient. The only slip up being a missing juice…

The menu is very straightforward, the usual bacon and eggs, as well as a range of breaky bruschetta and toast and museli and fruit.

I opt for the breaky bruschetta with San Marino prosciutto and beetroot relish:

What I initially think of as cream cheese with chives, I realise (however slowly) is yummy goats cheese!

Chops goes for Bacon & Eggs with Turkish toast:

Cakes settles on the avocado and tomato salsa bruschetta:

All our breakys are hoovered up pretty fast, as we were all starving! One of the things I was most excited about was the sugar choices. I’m not a fan of artificial sweeteners as they all taste like chemicals to me, except for one, smart sugar, which is a combination of sugar and sweetener so as to retain flavour. Strangers with Candy use it! Yay! Other cafes don’t as it’s more expensive than equal etc..

On the coffee front, they were again very good. Great, even. Cakes commented that decaf is usually an afterthought at most cafes and not made with very much care, and subsequently crap, but their’s was good.

No birthday is complete without gifts, and the lovely Cakes & Chops bought me a lovely gift, a very beautiful tea towel:

We then wandered over to Danks Street to check out Vicino, and the new Jones the Grocer, as well as Whole Foods House…I bought some Rosewater from Jones the Grocer and did some fruit and veg shopping at Fratelli…any suggestions for the use of Rosewater will be gratefully accepted..

Strangers With Candy
96 Kepos Street (Cnr Phillip St)
02 9698 6000
Cash Only


5 responses to “Strangers with Candy

  1. I have SWC on my “to eat” list. Good to hear that it’s good food and service. And I must get a hold of one of those teatowels, it’s gorgeous!

  2. P.S. Happy Birthday!! 🙂

  3. I’ll add this to my list! I’ve been a bit of a ‘cafe brekky regular’ lately, not good for the wallet but atleast it’s good for the stomach.

  4. This was such a good pre-birthday brekkie! The only thing that could have topped it would have been to finish off a lovely sea swim…next time maybe (but I guess we’ll need a baby wrangler to mind our new friend)

  5. Hmm-excuse prego insomnia making that last post about the swim slightly unintelligible

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