The Establishment

I’m all alone in the office. My deskbuddy and a bunch of other staff are out at Broken Hill at a conference. So my friend JB got wind of this and asked me out to lunch! Yay! someone to talk to! He suggested the Establishment…oohh good choice. Haven’t been there for ages!

You have to give it to Justin Hemmes. Via the Merivale empire, he has become the party guy of Sydney, first with the Establishment, Hotel CBD, Lotus, Slipp Inn, and newbie The Ivy and the list goes on, and on…

Since then, I think The Establishment has quietened down. Renown as “The Drycleaners” for it’s Thursday night free champagne for ladies, where you “go to pick up a suit”, I had forgotten that it also has a Thai influenced bistro.

Anyway, JB and I head in, grab a drink at the bar, and are quickly seated in the beautiful Garden Atrium.

We have a quick scan of the menu and I note the division between the “Thai Menu” and the “Australian Menu”

Does anyone else think that it’s funny that the first item on the “Australian Menu” is Quiche? Ha!

We quickly settle on the Crying Tiger…mmm steak! I was a little worried as in most Thai restaurants I go to, you don’t really get anything with the Crying Tiger, a few garnishes but that’s about it. Here, I was happily surprised as there was a decent amount of salad accompanying the steak.

Apparently, the literal translation of this dish is “as the tiger weeps” in reference to the amount of chilli heat it should contain. Thankfully, I avoid the biggest pieces of chilli thereby avoiding the inevitable snot avalanche on my dining companion!

We also were given small bowls of jasmine rice to soak up the goodness of the dressing…

I’m glad to have rediscovered the Establishment’s other purpose, that is, to feed the hungry masses decent food!


4 responses to “The Establishment

  1. well. i dont think you can ever mock my status updates again, miss snot avalanche.

  2. Mmm, Yes, lunch was yum! And I like your pics too!

  3. Looks and sounds good! Have you got any plans to visit Mad Cow? I’d love to know what it’s like! 😀

  4. I too used to go to the Establishment (restaurant) all the time. Looks like it’s time to revisit, judging by that yummy-looking steak.

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