Cafe Mint Breakfast, The Trifecta

food lined up on the passSaturday I had a catch up Breakfast with my closest buddy and an old friend who currently resides in BrisVegas. The Venue was Cafe Mint, this time to get in to their delectable sounding breakfast menu. While waiting for one third of our group we got stuck into the coffee which is excellent and consistently flavoured.

When all have finally arrived we make short work of the menu: I go for the sweet option and order the Kuneffa; orange and sultana ricotta baked in kataifi pastry served with rosewater poached fruit:


The ricotta is rich and very moreish, though I didn’t realise until I looked back over the menu that it was meant to be orange AND sultana…The pastry was divine, but I’m biased as it’s my favourite, and the fruit was a lovely tart counterpoint to the richness of the ricotta..delish!

Racey avoided the Middle Eastern theme and went for bacon, ricotta, tomato and avocado with toast:


It kind of reminded me of a breakfast a while back at another Crown St eatery where I was charged around $3-4 for half a roma tomato sprinkled with salt, unlike that occasion this was a very generous serve of tomato!

Finally my Bestie had one of my favourite dishes, Spicy Lamb mince with pinenuts, pomegranate roast onion, hoummous and za’atar toast:


In my original post on Cafe Mint I emailed to ask specifically about this dish, though I have little hope of reproducing it at home due to the unknown element of the spices…

It’s one thing to have a successful cafe, and do great breakfast/brunch/lunch fare, but to hit the jackpot and be able to do breakfast, lunch and dinner is pretty damn good, and this unassuming little place has definitely got the goods.

Cafe Mint
579 Crown Street
Surry Hills


2 responses to “Cafe Mint Breakfast, The Trifecta

  1. Cafe Mint is our favourite brekkie haunt, and even better because it is literally around the corner from us! Glad you enjoyed it as much as we do – be sure to try the breakfast couscous as it is amazing!

  2. The Kuneffa looks lush and so does that spicy lamb thing. What a great brekky!

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