So wandering around the CBD on a slow work day (naughty I know, but that’s what technology is for!),  the Fashionator and I decided to do something a bit different for lunch. Having worked our way through Witchery Martin Place (which is closing down), we had worked up quite an appetite. Sick of the usual options, we decide on the foodcourt in the GPO. I haven’t been here for ages, and had completely forgotten the range of choices available!

We settled on the most magnificent Sosumi sushi train right in the middle of the lower ground floor:


I haven’t had sushi train in an age, and this was a perfect reintroduction…though on the pricey side for sushi train, you are guaranteed the freshest “iki-jimi” killed fish, a method that is said to ensure the tastiest fish.

First up I dive into the boiled prawn nigiri:


Fashionator went for the fried chicken roll:


I then couldn’t resist the most gorgeous green of the seaweed salad. I liked this so much, I had it again! It’s sweet but tangy dressing and the chewy bite of the seaweed was both refreshing after the richness of the fish, and moreish…


We both then dived on the Tuna (Thanks Helen) Salmon Sushimi…yum, rich and oh so buttery!


Then it was time for another salad…this time, Jellyfish:

jelly fish saladI wasn’t as keen as this one due to the somewhat odd texture, but it didn’t taste as weirdly as I expected…


More tuna…teeny, tiny little rolls…yummy in my tummy!

And finally, once we figured out what it was, we leapt onto the crab and avocado rolls:

crab avocado roll

Can anyone tell me what the little green roe like substance is? They were delightfully poppy in the mouth and most gorgeous!

Such a lovely place for a “nice” workday lunch with your mates…will definitely be back for more…

1 Martin Place
02 9299 7700


7 responses to “Sosumi

  1. This is one of my favourite sushi places in the city! It gets so full too if you go around 1pm

  2. I love the top shot of everyone sitting down at the sushi train, and I think that’s salmon sashimi, not tuna? The green roe are tobiko, or flying fish roe, usually orange in colour but can also be in green. I love their texture too. So satisfying feeling them pop on the tongue!

  3. Oh haven’t tried this place before… might take a look sometime hmmm

  4. You know, I’ve worked in Wynyard for 2 years now and I didn’t even know GPO existed until recently!

    In fact, I’m going there tomorrow for lunch 🙂

  5. Mmm.. I could eat sushi any day of the week! I’ve been here before, but quite some time ago. I think we agreed it was good but quite pricey – though, if the quality is good then it’s probably worth it 🙂

  6. Salmon sashimi looks good. Reminds me of Matsuri on crown street.

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