Shangri La High Tea

Mmm High Tea…cakes, chocolate goodies, sweet treats! I love an excuse for something sweet in the afternoon and when I received the invitation from Citrus and Candy to join her, Chocolate Suze and Not Quite Nigella I couldn’t resist! Our rendezvous was the Shangri La Lobby Lounge in the Rocks.. shangri-la

Having snaffled a prize position near a window, we settled in and got started. Delivered to our table was a plate of sandwiches. There’s smoked salmon, ham and mustard, cucumber, and tomato and cheese. As has been described by my colleagues, the sandwiches were fairly average, tuck shop quality, with lashings of butter! I quite enjoyed the ham and mustard and the salmon, but wasn’t so keen on the tomato and cheese or the cucumber….I’m surprised that a 5 star hotel like the Shangri La would provide such an amateurish offering for something like this…



I was also surprised that the sandwiches were delivered to our table on a plate. My experience of High Tea has either been full table service with everything delivered to you on stands, or a proper buffet where everything is self serve except for tea and coffee. By the by, along with the sandwiches came the I profess to not be a very good drinker, but I think I’m getting better in my old age, particularly when I finished my own and started drinking the girls!

So we sat, we chatted, we flagged down the waitress to ask for our tea…and we waited some more..finally we asked about where our sweets were. “Oh, the buffet is this way” came the reply. Hmmm, buffet..from our window seat we hadn’t spied the buffet on a lower level around the corner..our waiting was in vain! The sweets were there the WHOLE time! We dashed over two by two!



Oddly, there was a flat screen tv positioned behind the buffet. The purpose of this I’m not sure as it would have been obscured by anyone approaching the buffet..that didn’t stop me from nearly falling into the chocolate fountain!

We head back to our table loaded up with goodies!



The lemon meringue tart was sooooo disappointing…soggy pastry, with an incredibly salty taste. I couldn’t figure out if it was the meringue or the lemon but it wasn’t good. The pavlova however was lovely and crisp with tasty sweet cream..

My other favourites were the cannoli and the macarons..the mini macarons were very good, so good in fact that I think they may have been made elsewhere…


A delightful afternoon, spent with delightful ladies! Thanks Girls!

The Lobby Lounge
Shangri-La Hotel
176 Cumberland Street
The Rocks
02 9250 6000


6 responses to “Shangri La High Tea

  1. Great to spend an afternoon with you gals!

  2. I wonder if anybody has actually fallen into the chocolate fountain? Lol.

    Had a lovely time 🙂 We’ll do it again soon.

  3. Well, I dont think that I will be going there is a hurry. I have loved reading your adventures but this one I am not going to put into my book of must do’s.

  4. had a super lovely time girlies!

  5. Sounds a wee bit disappointing babe. And even more so that you fell off the wagon for it! x

  6. Those macaroons look suspiciously like the ones you get from Lindt cafes…

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