etroextBreakfast in Perth again. This time another little spot on King Street; Etro. In my travels on the web, I had read comments highly praising Etro over No. 44 King Street, so we had to try both!

The menu is the usual breakfast fare, but I must say, this was probably the best coffee I had in Western Australia…


Da Boyfriend had his usual toast and flat white:


Being a ridiculously hot day, I went for a non cooked option, muesli:


The only issue I had here was that they didn’t give me enough milk!

49 King Street
08 9481 1148


6 responses to “Etro

  1. We had a good breakfast there too – although the coffee wasn’t that awesome the day we were there.

  2. I’ve only been to Perth once, but I loved it! The streets are so clean!

    What’s the orange stuff on top of the muesli? Mango puree? Passionfruit? Either would be nice.

  3. It definitely looks like not enough milk (if it’s the little jug on the right). Seedless passionfruit-interesting!

    • @ Lorraine Yes, you’re right, totally not enough milk, and when I went inside to ask for more, they expected it, which makes me wonder why they don’t just buy bigger milk jugs!

  4. I thought the waitress had a bit of attitude myself but da girlfriend didn’t think so.

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