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Chocolate Ibarra Authentic Mexican Hot Chocolate

Seeing as we’re peeking into Autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere I thought I’d get back to my hot chocolate testing! This is particularly so after spying this little item at The Essential Ingredient during my recent trip back to my hometown, Canberra.

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Est Restaurant

estsignMarch into Merivale, the recession busting promotion that has been running offering $33 meals, is almost over and I only managed one visit! But I made sure it was to the best: Est Restaurant…awarded three hats by the SMH Good Food Awards, and with Peter Doyle at the helm it is consistently reviewed as one of the best restaurants in Sydney.
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Taste of Sydney Festival 2009

Taste of Sydney finally arrived after all the anticipation, and drooling induced by the launch!

Da Boyfriend and I met at Centennial Park after sneaking out of work early so as to avoid the inevitable queues. We were glad we did as we had our tickets and our crowns pronto as well as securing a table, and didn’t have to line up for a single thing..which was a relief, as by the time we left there were many, many lines… Continue reading

Subsolo Spanish Restaurant & Tapas Bar

subsolo_ext*squeals with delight* At last I can bring you evidence of one of my fave meals I’ve had recently. I brought my boyfriend here recently for his birthday and to make it a little special left all photographic equipment at home. Halfway through the meal sensing my excitement at how good everything was, and how frustrated I was in not being able to record it, he offered me his iphone to take pics with. I refused, only because the camera is so crap! But luckily for me, I had opportunity to go back and try some of the dishes I missed out on on my previous visit, and take photos!

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Xic Lo Vietnamese Restaurant & Passionflower Dessert Cafe

xicloextXic Lo (Sic low) is a great little Vietnamese place in Chinatown. I was introduced to this spot by a friend of my Justin who lived in Vietnam for a year and came back enthused by Vietnamese food.

It’s clean and simple. White tiles, and fairly unadorned, but I’ve always found the food to be great value, great quality and able to keep Da Boyfriend happy!

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Fig Loaf Recipe

At the Eveleigh Markets the other week I bought the most gorgeous tray of figs. Beautiful ripe and fresh..I was going to make the Spiced Ricotta Tart with caramelised figs instead of the stonefruit but thought better of it when I realised I wouldn’t be able to take it to work, therefore increasing the chances of me sitting on the couch and eating the whole thing myself!

So I did the next best thing and made a healthier alternative. Using my favourite loaf recipe from Bill Granger, I ditched the usual bananas and substituted the figs…

So next time you feel the urge to bake come on, give this recipe a try (the other cool thing about it is that it’s fat free!)
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Fish at the Rocks

Business lunches are a perk of some jobs, but in mine, they are few and far between. So I was thrilled when my mate/mentor JamesB took me to Fish at the Rocks for lunch to discuss some work stuff


Located at the far end of Kent St, this out of the way spot is a gem. Not too flashy, but with some great food and decor to please.

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