Fish at the Rocks

Business lunches are a perk of some jobs, but in mine, they are few and far between. So I was thrilled when my mate/mentor JamesB took me to Fish at the Rocks for lunch to discuss some work stuff


Located at the far end of Kent St, this out of the way spot is a gem. Not too flashy, but with some great food and decor to please.

Seeing as I’m trying to be good, and not too much of a piggy, I passed on the wine and dessert, and stuck with a main and mineral water. Boring for some, but wait till you see what I had!

The specials board was brought over to our table for us to peruse closely:


Apart from a minor spelling mistake, it all looked super tasty..

I ordered the fettuccine with the balmain bug, garlic, chilli, parsley and tomato…there was plenty of meat, and the pasta (apparently handmade) was delicious and al dente


while JamesB had the grilled salmon with rosemary & seasalt kipfler potatoes & chilli jam. The meal was substantial and not teeny the way some seafood is served.


This is a great little secret, with wonderful food and coffee, and a somewhere a little different next time you have a hankering for seafood.

Fish at the Rocks
29 Kent Street,
The Rocks
Cnr Argyle St
02 9252 4614


3 responses to “Fish at the Rocks

  1. I’ve often walked past this on my way to the Sydney Theatre and wondered what the food was like. It does look like a bit of a hidden gem. And well done you for saying no to dessert and alcohol! Your willpower is admired!

  2. Oh it must be a hard job, having to discuss work over lunch! 😉

  3. You’re so restrained! I know so many that go all out on a work lunch. OK yes myself included in that on occasion if there’s something that sounds absolutely delectable…

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