Forbes & Burton, Darlinghurst


Breakfast. One of my favourite meals of the day. Quite aside from the fact that I am a raging caffeine addict and if I don’t have coffee and food by 9am I turn into a wailing banshee!

That said, I have civilised friends who understand the value of  an “early” breakfast. It means that you’re not fighting for a seat (usually) and all specials are available!

This morning our merry trio headed to Forbes & Burton in Darlinghurst, one of our favourite spots. At 9am we’re just about the only people there, and then, suddenly in walks someone exceedingly familiar. I smile,  but for the life of me can’t remember her name. Older lady, I wonder where I know her from…? It hits me. Germaine Greer. For breakfast, at the table next to me. Probably thinking that we’re a bunch of middle class, spoilt, inner city brats. She’s probably right by that assumption!

After our star spotting, we get down to ordering. Dining Companion 1 orders fried eggs, sausages & mushrooms with toast. She requests that her yolks are totally cooked.


Dining Companion 2 orders his eggs poached, with bacon and mushrooms and toast


I choose super simple: poached egg with mulitgrain and vegemite (part of my healthy eating plan, so I can still eat the naughty stuff 😉


The food, as usual is always good. So is the coffee. The coffee is actually really good.

Recently head chef David Pegrum has left to head up Bronte Road Bistro and the restaurant is no longer open for dinner. But this doesn’t seem to have affected the daytime menu.

Everything comes out reasonably fast, but the cafe soon fills up and people are waiting patiently and eyeing off our table…we leave them to it, and amble on home with full and happy tummies…


Forbes & Burton
252 Forbes Street
02 9356 8788


11 responses to “Forbes & Burton, Darlinghurst

  1. Yes, I definitely think Germaine might have thought us “spoilt, middle-class, inner-city brat”, had she overheard us. Though I thought she was giving the SMH a very critical going-over, and probably didn’t notice us at all.

    Dining Companion 2 (who needs a tan, judging from that photo!)

  2. Little Red Hen

    Errr-Germaine shouldn’t be casting too many aspertions on spoiled inner-city brats these days, should she? Pots and black kettles and all that? Not that that would stop her I suppose… 😉

  3. Haha you have the best famous people spotting skills! I love a good brekkie, poached eggs are a firm favourite. Darlinghurst is brimming with good breakfast/brunch places hey?

  4. Nothing like a good breakfast. And with Germaine Greer no less. Were you tempted to say anything to her? 😛

  5. Breakfast + Germaine Greer! What a great way to kick start your day. Nice meeting you at Wagaya on Friday. Love your blog!

  6. A hearty breakfast is an indulgence for me so I totally agree with you re favourite meals of the day! And oh my gosh Germaine Greer next to you! Breakfast just became even more interesting!

  7. this cafe looks fantastic – can’t believe i’ve never heard of it before! another one to add to the list then.. which is growing at an inversely proportional rate to the economic meltdown around us

  8. Hi Tummyrumble,

    Thanks for popping by and leaving a message at our humble blog.

    I think I’ve been to this place too, but had no idea what it was called- is it the one down the road from Frattelis?

    I really like reading your blog and am lucky enough to visit Sydney regularly so look forward to reading your reviews and hearing suggestions of places to check out!

    Any places you recommend that are a goldmine for value and taste for food?

  9. Poached eggs, toast…and vegemite…? I’m going to have to give it a go!

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