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Truffled eggs, Tummyrumble Style

truffleTruffles. What are they exactly? I know they’re a fungus, but how many of us have actually had a real truffle? Not many, I’m sure. So in the interests of my dear readers I recently bought a piece of actual truffle to get to the bottom of the mystery, what is a truffle and are they really worthy of all the hoo-haa?

One Saturday afternoon walking past the Black Bull Butchery in Potts Point on my way to the Kings Cross Organic Markets I notice a sign: “Australian Truffles available here” in a scrawl on a piece of cardboard in the front window. I walk in and it’s a riot of people jostling for position in front of the main counter. I make my way to a corner looking for the truffles. I spot a little bag on a tray looking so forlorn. The last piece of truffle left. 5.30 grams of Australian Black Truffle:

As you can see, an expensive little morsel, working out to approximately $489.62 per 100grams. I can’t wait to get it home and finally smell the smell that everyone comments upon, apparently sex and stinky socks.

According to Truffles Australis:

The French Black Truffle is the fruiting body of the fungus Tuber Melanosporum that forms a symbiotic relationship with the roots of oak or hazel trees on which it grows. The edible portion, the truffle, is harvested in winter once it has matured and is emitting the sweet perfume it’s renowned for.

So we know that it’s a fungus and we know that it got a funky smell. It’s moment like these I wish we had smell-o-vision (not minties). When I finally get home and get to open it, things unknown suddenly make sense. What do I mean by that? All those times I’d eaten things with “truffle oil” or stuff of that nature, I now know what that element was. That unknown soft thing that floats around your mouth that is subtle and mild. A revelation in smell. Sex is right, or also a really smelly man who hasn’t bathed in some time..sweet, but stinky!

Yet what to do with it? Eggs. Simple scrambled eggs. I had some beautiful eggs perfect the job. I popped them in a jar with the truffle and left them overnight on my first attempt. Second attempt I left them for about 3 nights, two days. Leave them longer to get more of the delicate aroma to seep through the porous shell of the egg.


I don’t eat scrambled eggs often.  No reason in particular, I just prefer poached (not that I’ve ever really successfully poached an egg!). But I do make a pretty mean scrambled egg. The key is not to overcook, and to be very gentle. Crack your truffled eggs in a bowl, with some full cream milk, or cream, a little pepper, no salt yet, and mix to combine. Heat a large heavy based fry pan with some good butter. When the butter foams, it’s good to go.

Pour your eggs into the pan and very gently draw through from the edges to the centre with a wooden spoon. As you do this, the uncooked egg should fill the gaps to gently cook. It should be curd like and glistening, not rubbery or foam like.


Once it’s done take off the heat pronto, you don’t want it to keep cooking…Make sure you have some super good sourdough on hand ready to toast. Don’t be like me and cut your hand open while hacking through my Brasserie Bread Reem-made epi roll! (if you want to see a picture of my cut hand click here but careful there’s blood!)

Toast your bread, pile your eggs on a plate, then gently grate or thinly slice your truffle over your eggs. Voila! Insanely luxe, scrambled eggs with truffles.


Verdict on the truffles: I was surprised that the flavour did not anywhere near match the intensity of the aroma. But it gave the eggs a softness that’s hard to describe. I can now successfully sniff out truffle oil, and think I could probably tell the difference between synthetic truffle oil and the real thing.

Is it worth the dollars? Maybe for a special occasion at home, but keep it simple. Don’t try anything complex. The flavour is so subtle you don’t want to be overpowering it at any stage or it’s simply a waste of money.

Truffles, yes. Get them now while they’re in season.


Chocolate Ibarra Authentic Mexican Hot Chocolate

Seeing as we’re peeking into Autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere I thought I’d get back to my hot chocolate testing! This is particularly so after spying this little item at The Essential Ingredient during my recent trip back to my hometown, Canberra.

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The Rocks Farmers Market

rocks bicycleLunchtime, Friday. What am I going to eat? Been away in Armidale, so no left overs at home, and don’t fancy tuna in a can. Don’t want to go all the way over to St Mary’s Cathedral for Hawkesbury Harvest Markets either…What’s a girl to do? Of course! Eureka! Go to The Rocks Markets! Yes, much smaller selection and no hot food, but still a walk, though shorter, and an abundance of tasty bits! markets landscape view

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Abundant Organics

Recently , I’ve been getting busier. I’m not sure if it’s the time of the year or what, but with trying to catch up with friends, the usual domestic drudgery and trying to do things for myself (like exercising), on top of work, I often find I don’t have the time to go to my favourite grocers etc So I looked into some of the fruit and veg home delivery services.


After seeking some advice from other foodbloggers, I settled on a mixed box from Abundant Organics. This box is meant for 1 person, cost me $36 (no delivery charge)!
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Milo B-Smart

I have a major addiction to sugar, specifically sugar contained in chocolate. This is obviously not so good for my figure. So to deal with some of my cravings I’ve been trialling Milo B-Smart.

Apparently this has 25% less sugar and fat than regular Milo, and is fortified with extra iodine and iron.

I don’t always eat it with milk, and have found sprinkling over banana is also very good. Adding it to milk seems to dilute the chocolatey malty goodness a little too much for me!


So this tin lives on my desk, and I reach for it when trying to avoid the bad stuff…

What do you reach for when you’re trying to be good?

Cartoons and plates

My great friend Mitch in New York sent me this the other day, and I had to share….food blogging is now being satirised in the Wall Street Journal. Very impressive.


So after our blogger meet up, I popped into Thai Kee IGA (check out Helen’s post from a while back with her great pics) in the Market City complex to go on a hunt for interesting plates. Why? Well, my friend Phil sent me some pics of the most gloriously decorated cupcakes I’ve ever seen! These cupcakes were made by Lolo at VeganYumYum, whose blog I was fascinated and inspired by. She wrote a post about photographing food, and mentioned the importance of the right dishes, and suggested buying just one or two plates/dishes that you like for your photographs, instead of whole sets, so you end up with a range of interesting backgrounds, but suggests the majority be white, as obviously white always looks so good. So this is what I got, all for under $50! I love Chinatown!

I know, they’re patterned and coloured, but they were so pretty!

Sparkle Cupcakery, Take 2

Now, I don’t want to provide more fuel to the fire of the great Sparkle Cupcakes debate, but as promised I did return to sample more to see if the cupcakes were as disappointing as my first visit.

I turned up on a whim at about 4pm on a Sunday afternoon, when there was a sudden influx of people. Disappointingly most cupcakes were gone. We selected the coconut ice and the espresso.

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