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Lamingtons. A classic Australian icon…they remind me of my childhood where the daycare centre my parents used to enrol me in, had bake sales, and enormous trays of lamingtons would be carted home in the back of the car, with me desperately trying to get my little fingers into them!

Recently, our office hosted a Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea to raise money for the Cancer Council. Our morning tea was “Aussie” themed and included competitions for best Aussie bush tucker, best food/baked item (I think) and best Aussie hat…I discovered that one of my colleagues, being English, had never tried a lamington! I couldn’t believe it! “Not even a bought packet one?” I wasn’t going to bake at all, but then on discovering this I had to do it, and be the one who introduced her to this classic Australian.
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Chocolate Cake

Wonderful Lorraine at Not Quite Nigella is currently running a competition for the best chocolate cake recipe. How could I resist!

This recipe was given to me after I harassed my friend Penny for it over a couple of years. She finally gave it up, and though reluctant to share, share I will. It’s a very simple melt and mix cake, and it’s success is in the quality of the ingredients and careful baking. It’s rich and dense and chocolatey. Enjoy!

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