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The Local Taphouse, Darlinghurst

the local extAn easy weeknight, neighbourhood dinner. We’ve exhausted most of the cheap and cheerful options in our immediate vicinity of Surry Hills, and we’ve heard through the grapevine that what was once The Flinders Hotel has had a change of image and ownership and is now The Local Taphouse, a beer emporium.

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Forbes & Burton, Darlinghurst


Breakfast. One of my favourite meals of the day. Quite aside from the fact that I am a raging caffeine addict and if I don’t have coffee and food by 9am I turn into a wailing banshee!

That said, I have civilised friends who understand the value of  an “early” breakfast. It means that you’re not fighting for a seat (usually) and all specials are available!

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A Tavola, Darlinghurst

A Tavola in Darlinghurst is one place I’ve been meaning to get to for a while. So when my friend’s husband floated it as a potential venue for a surprise birthday dinner, I was first to support it!
Well known for their handmade and very fresh pasta, and the large marble dining table that seats around 25, A Tavola has been bubbling away quietly like their fall apart braised guanciale. For those familiar with the area, you may know that Chef Eugenio Maiale in conjunction with Nick Palumbo of neighbouring Gelato Messina, took over Providore Pelagio, turned it into Gastronomia Pelagio and are now turning it into bar.

*UPDATE* The Bar, known as Omerta looks like it’s about to open very soon

Dinner for 9 or 10 is a big ask for a small restaurant on a busy Friday night, but this place had no problem fitting us in. We had been given the option of a set menu for about $80 per head, but we were better off ordering a la carte, including wine, salads and dessert! We were seated at a large table in the back courtyard, a space made intimate with gorgeous lighting.
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Gastronomia Pelagio

Ah, breakfast in Darlo…one of my favourite things to do! The choice available never ceases to satisfy!

Since Pelagio changed hands about a year ago, things have changed. Formerly a deli/greengrocer with a huge range of products available with some eat in options, the space has been cleared and refined…


We meet here for breakfast bright and early (9am) to avoid a wait for tables…

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cantinaextSo here at last is the last of my Christmas Party posts. This dinner was another work affair, limited to two or so departments who work on the same floor. Fashionator had scrambled for a venue as groups bookings had filled up fast at our first choices. We finally settled on Cantina, a venue that I had previously ventured into for another work colleagues Hen’s Night.  On that occasion we had made much noise and found ourselves stuffed silly with a most generous banquet menu and mucho Sangria! Once again, we had the set $35 banquet menu, and after our last visit where we couldn’t fit in the delicious paella, we thought this a most sensible option. First up was a selection of dips and olive bread. The dips were lovely, with a taste of pumpkin, white bean, chickpea, beetroot and eggplant. All of these hit the spot, though were a little tame in comparison to the fantabulous Erciyes dip platter.
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The Falconer

Tuesday night “Date night” and I usually don’t get to take pics as the boyfriend doesn’t like it. But I’ve been so keen to get to this place that I took pics regardless!

The Falconer is a little gem on Oxford St, down near Hyde Park. It used to be a Diner/Cafeteria called Aristotle’s that had been there many years and had a loyal following…

About 3-4 months ago, the windows were covered up and it was soon apparent that Aristotle’s was gone…What replaced it, was a cool, funky little cafe/bar/restaurant, desperately needed at this arse end of Oxford St, which is dominated by fast food chains…

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After a relatively busy day, and late-ish evening celebrating a friends birthday down at the Opera Bar (stopped in and checked out the Guylian Cafe on the way) Boyfriend and I,   particularly I, were desperate for dinner.

As it was late-ish (around 8pm) take away was the only option. Boyfriend’s favourite is Mad Mex. I like it, but don’t feel like mexican tonight, so we settle on a regular haunt, Snakebean.

We’ve been ordering in food from here pretty much since they opened. It’s a teeny little space, but really, it’s so cheap, not greasy or heavy, with “normal portion” sizes (what you should eat rather than what you do eat), and just super fresh and tasty goodness.

We are, however, habits of creature and stick to our favourites. For me, I start with the vegetarian rice paper rolls:

Super light, tasty and surprisingly filling..with yummy dipping sauce that’s not too hot, but tamarind-y and sweet.

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