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Ripples at the Wharf, Pyrmont

I love dinner. I love dinner even more on a cold and stormy night when you’re all warm and cosy, with belly warming food. The next best thing, is practically sitting in a restaurant kitchen with belly full of warming food! On this particular night, courtesy of Ripples Sydney Wharf via Prue at The Mint Partners, we were given the opportunity to test drive their version of a chef’s table. What’s a chef’s table? It’s when you can dine in the kitchen of the restaurant and get up close and personal with the crew preparing your food. Matt Moran has been doing it for some time at Aria, and I’m sure there are other gems hidden away, and only accessible on request.

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Taste of Sydney Festival 2009

Taste of Sydney finally arrived after all the anticipation, and drooling induced by the launch!

Da Boyfriend and I met at Centennial Park after sneaking out of work early so as to avoid the inevitable queues. We were glad we did as we had our tickets and our crowns pronto as well as securing a table, and didn’t have to line up for a single thing..which was a relief, as by the time we left there were many, many lines… Continue reading

Eveleigh Markets

Sydney’s newest markets are the best…

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Taste of Sydney

Wine courtesy of Chandon

Wow! Thanks to Christie of Fig & Cherry, and Prue from Mint Partners the Sydney blogging community is going mainstream! Along with some of the luminaries of the Sydney foodblogging scene, such as Not Quite Nigella, Grab Your Fork, Spicy Icecream, Jenius, Fooderati,  the crew from Eat, Show and TellA Table for Two and last but not least, Chocolate Suze, we descended on the recently refurbished Centennial Park Dining for the launch of the Taste of Sydney Festival

The Taste Festivals are new to Sydney, but have been running since 2004, starting in the UK, then spreading to Ireland, South Africa, and in 2008 expanding to Dubai, Amsterdam, Brussels and Melbourne.

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Night Noodle Markets 2008, Hyde Park

Ah, I love Good Food Month, and I love even more, the Night Noodle Markets in Hyde Park.

This year they have made the markets a little more spread out so that it spills over from one side of the fountain to the other. The advantage of this so far is that the competition for a table isn’t nearly as fierce, but you still need to get there early!

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Yay! It’s Good Food Month!

We’re heading into my favourite time of year: Daylight savings is close, my birthday is coming up, and throughout the month of October, Sydney turns it’s collective spirit to enjoying food! Good Food Month is the highlight of my year. Not only do I get to enjoy the Night Noodle Markets in Hyde Park for two weeks, Let’s do Lunch allows me the luxury of dining at places such as Aria and Otto.

This year,  I have booked into Quay for lunch (2009 Gourmet Traveller Restaurant of the Year, and Good Food Guide Restaurant of the Year), and also still trying to figure out where else to go.

I’ll inevitably be hitting the Night Noodle Markets at least three times but I’m also looking forward to the Danks Street Festival, and the Sydney Food and Wine Fair.

Apart from that I’m also hoping to make the Growers Market after last month’s wash out…and who could forget Sugar Hit!

What are you looking forward to during  Good Food Month?