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Ripples at the Wharf, Pyrmont

I love dinner. I love dinner even more on a cold and stormy night when you’re all warm and cosy, with belly warming food. The next best thing, is practically sitting in a restaurant kitchen with belly full of warming food! On this particular night, courtesy of Ripples Sydney Wharf via Prue at The Mint Partners, we were given the opportunity to test drive their version of a chef’s table. What’s a chef’s table? It’s when you can dine in the kitchen of the restaurant and get up close and personal with the crew preparing your food. Matt Moran has been doing it for some time at Aria, and I’m sure there are other gems hidden away, and only accessible on request.

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Perama, Petersham

I love Twitter. I love Twitter because it has allowed me personal access to some of the best chefs in Sydney.  One of these is David Tsirekas of Perama. Now, I had already heard of Perama and everyone I know who has gone there has raved about it, but if it hadn’t been for David and his description and picture of Baklava icecream it would have remained on my “to do” list.

Da Boyfriend and meet after work in Newtown for a drink, then jump on the train to Petersham. A quick walk around the corner from the station and we’re there…Yay!
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Est Restaurant

estsignMarch into Merivale, the recession busting promotion that has been running offering $33 meals, is almost over and I only managed one visit! But I made sure it was to the best: Est Restaurant…awarded three hats by the SMH Good Food Awards, and with Peter Doyle at the helm it is consistently reviewed as one of the best restaurants in Sydney.
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Balthazar Restaurant + Bar, Perth


While we were in Perth, we frequented close by cafe/bar Tiger, Tiger to steal their internet and get restaurant recommendations. One of their recommendations was Balthazar in the CBD.

So one Saturday evening, after a most informative and entertaining walking tour around the city, we headed down towards the Swan River for dinner. I had actually made a booking earlier in the day, but as it was Saturday night and last minute we were offered either a wait in the bar until a table becomes available or just eat in the bar. We thought we’d wait and see when we got there.

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The Falconer

Tuesday night “Date night” and I usually don’t get to take pics as the boyfriend doesn’t like it. But I’ve been so keen to get to this place that I took pics regardless!

The Falconer is a little gem on Oxford St, down near Hyde Park. It used to be a Diner/Cafeteria called Aristotle’s that had been there many years and had a loyal following…

About 3-4 months ago, the windows were covered up and it was soon apparent that Aristotle’s was gone…What replaced it, was a cool, funky little cafe/bar/restaurant, desperately needed at this arse end of Oxford St, which is dominated by fast food chains…

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