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Ripples at the Wharf, Pyrmont

I love dinner. I love dinner even more on a cold and stormy night when you’re all warm and cosy, with belly warming food. The next best thing, is practically sitting in a restaurant kitchen with belly full of warming food! On this particular night, courtesy of Ripples Sydney Wharf via Prue at The Mint Partners, we were given the opportunity to test drive their version of a chef’s table. What’s a chef’s table? It’s when you can dine in the kitchen of the restaurant and get up close and personal with the crew preparing your food. Matt Moran has been doing it for some time at Aria, and I’m sure there are other gems hidden away, and only accessible on request.

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Bodega Tapas Bar, Surry Hills

matadorFinally! After living in Surry Hills for years, and just metres from Bodega I finally got there courtesy of a blogger meet up with the lovely Ellie from Kitchen Wench who was in Sydney for work. Helen, Suze and I met at Central and headed over to Bodega nice and early to ensure a table as they don’t take bookings.

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Fish at the Rocks

Business lunches are a perk of some jobs, but in mine, they are few and far between. So I was thrilled when my mate/mentor JamesB took me to Fish at the Rocks for lunch to discuss some work stuff


Located at the far end of Kent St, this out of the way spot is a gem. Not too flashy, but with some great food and decor to please.

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C Restaurant

cextFine dining in Perth…well,  I had tried to get into the renown Jackson’s, but Da Boyfriend won’t do a degustation, so we were running out of options, particularly as we were relying on people we came across for recommendations. One of the recommendations we were given was for C Restaurant. First things’ first: It revolves. Yes, a revolving restaurant on top of a building!

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Taste of Sydney

Wine courtesy of Chandon

Wow! Thanks to Christie of Fig & Cherry, and Prue from Mint Partners the Sydney blogging community is going mainstream! Along with some of the luminaries of the Sydney foodblogging scene, such as Not Quite Nigella, Grab Your Fork, Spicy Icecream, Jenius, Fooderati,  the crew from Eat, Show and TellA Table for Two and last but not least, Chocolate Suze, we descended on the recently refurbished Centennial Park Dining for the launch of the Taste of Sydney Festival

The Taste Festivals are new to Sydney, but have been running since 2004, starting in the UK, then spreading to Ireland, South Africa, and in 2008 expanding to Dubai, Amsterdam, Brussels and Melbourne.

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Christmas Day 2008


Simmone Logue Fruit Mince Tarts


Herbed Beef with Balsamic Glaze
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Degustation at Becasse

Ah! Where do I start?

After an unseasonably warm start to the day, the afternoon and evening turned cold and blustery…perfect weather for sitting around inside eating! As we teetered on our high heels down Clarence Street, we were heartened and warmed by the lovely greeting on our arrival. The main dining room at Becasse is all understated chocolates and beige’s, with a kitchen down one end and a mezzanine above.

After settling in at a table in the front part of the restaurant we were offered the special Truffle degustation, an offer that looked amazing, though far more pricey than what we were about to order!

The degustation is an experience. It’s not something you do everyday, and as such it’s pricey, and more so with matching wines. Though, without being a wine expert I’d hazard a guess that the matching wines at $120 per person is actually quite reasonable…? I don’t know, you tell me?

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