unnamedSo a whole bunch of us foodbloggers descended on Adriano Zumbo’s delightful little hole in the wall to sample his new Summer range. I’ve decided that instead of me sticking my pics up, I’m just going to link to everyone else’s post. You may discover some new and intriguing bloggers who take your fancy!

Helen at Grab Your Fork has some lovely pics

Amanda at the Cake & The Knife is one of the best writers I’ve come across in ages!

Simon, the cheeky bugger at Simon Food Favourites

Karen from Citrus & Candy

The sweet Miss Honey from the Delectable Delight

Belle from Ooh, Look made a flying visit

Howard, Therese and Linda from EatShow&Tell also made it…

The crew from Here Comes the Food also rocked up..

So did the most gorgeous Lorraine from Not Quite Nigella

The lovely Suze from ChocolateSuze!

and finally Chris from The Way it Crumbles…

If I’ve forgotten anyone please let me know!


13 responses to “Zumbo’d!

  1. I’ll have my story up tonight at 11pm! I feel like the March Hare…I’m late I’m late!

  2. Is that courteous or laziness?

  3. @ SkyeLorelle Ummm, bit of both? The others have much nicer pics than I do! But you can check my pics out on Flickr!

  4. Hee hee I haven’t even started my post wahhhh gonna be running even later 😦

  5. how come i’m a cheeky bugger, my cheeks aren’t that big are they? hehe

    was good to meet up with you. more please sir!

    s 🙂

  6. Was great to catch up with you again 🙂 Thanks for organising a delicious day. A tasty end to the weekend!

  7. @ Simon Food Favourites Cause I see that naughty glint on your eye!

    @ Helen Pleasure! Was so much fun!

  8. Nice to see you there, Reem. So many cakes, so little time, eh?

  9. Great to finally meet you Reemski! Thanks for organising it!

  10. ah finally i posted mine up lol thanks for organising dude hope to see ya soon!

  11. Thank you so much for organising this one Reem, I had a fantastic morning, will start on my post today lol. Looking forward to our next mass gathering lol.

  12. Thanks heaps for organising! Hope to do this again next time 🙂

    OR maybe somewhere in Canberra? 😛

  13. Hi! I don’t think I was introduced to you, but thanks for organising anyway! Hopefully next time, I’ll get my act together sooner and actually make it on time!
    I’ll do a little (slightly unrelated) post on Zumbos today, but I’ll definitely be dropping the meet a mention xD

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