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The Grill at Hillarys

grillmenuOur second day in Western Australia saw us hire a couple of bikes and take ride up the coast line to Hillarys Boat Harbour, about 10kms north of Scarborough. The friendly locals at the bike hire shop had strongly suggested we head there for dinner, citing the range of choice and singling out Hippo Creek African Grill. Alas and alack, our planned return also coincided with everyone else deciding to go out for dinner, and thus us not being able to get in. After I threw a little tantrum, we then headed for The Grill.

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Zanders at Scarborough Beach

scarborough-beachSo we get to Western Australia, and settle into our room at the Rendezvous Observation City at Scarborough Beach, a highrise in the middle of the suburbs on the northern beaches of Perth. After ogling the view from our 22nd floor room, we set out to discover the food.

The first thing we notice on wandering out, is that there isn’t actually much choice. Subway, a sandwich shop, a fish and chip shop, and a range of places housed within the hotel complex including Jimmy Dean’s Diner

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Home at Last!

Hello all! It’s great to be home, and I have a fistful of treats from out Western Australia way!

From Scarborough in the northern beaches of Perth, to chic and classy dining in the CBD, to the glorious wine region of the Margaret River to beachside dining in Busselton and harbourside in Fremantle!

Stay Tuned!

I <3 Summer

I’m off for two weeks to Perth, Fremantle and Busselton/Margaret River in Western Australia. I will be generally computer-less, but intend to document my eating fun and tell you all about it upon my return!

The Restaurant with No Name

courtyardBondi. The girls look different there. More shiny, more tanned, more blonde, more trendy…it’s quite overwhelming for someone as deeply unfashionable (and brunette) as I! Still, we had friends to visit, and food to be eaten.
I hadn’t gone to the Beach Road Hotel in years…this enormous space, with multiple drinking areas has always been a magnet for a mixed crowd. This night was no exception. Walking through the main bar, past some rusted on regulars, through to the bistro area (where it appears that a small child’s birthday was taking place) and out the back to the courtyard where the pretty young things, and the smokers were hanging out.

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Room Nine

room nineSummer Holidays how I love thee! Half way through our 7 week hiatus form work, and we are finally relaxed. We don’t get out of bed until after midday (well Da Boyfriend doesn’t, I get up around 9am) and we fill our days with episodes of the West Wing, food, and for him, his Star Wars stuff…

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cantinaextSo here at last is the last of my Christmas Party posts. This dinner was another work affair, limited to two or so departments who work on the same floor. Fashionator had scrambled for a venue as groups bookings had filled up fast at our first choices. We finally settled on Cantina, a venue that I had previously ventured into for another work colleagues Hen’s Night.  On that occasion we had made much noise and found ourselves stuffed silly with a most generous banquet menu and mucho Sangria! Once again, we had the set $35 banquet menu, and after our last visit where we couldn’t fit in the delicious paella, we thought this a most sensible option. First up was a selection of dips and olive bread. The dips were lovely, with a taste of pumpkin, white bean, chickpea, beetroot and eggplant. All of these hit the spot, though were a little tame in comparison to the fantabulous Erciyes dip platter.
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