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Forbes & Burton, Darlinghurst


Breakfast. One of my favourite meals of the day. Quite aside from the fact that I am a raging caffeine addict and if I don’t have coffee and food by 9am I turn into a wailing banshee!

That said, I have civilised friends who understand the value of  an “early” breakfast. It means that you’re not fighting for a seat (usually) and all specials are available!

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Adriano Zumbo Patissier, Balmain

Most of you may have seen by now Adriano Zumbo’s new range on Citrus and Candy, The Heart of Food, Raspberri Cupcakes, Not Quite Nigella, A Table for Two, Chocolate Suze, The Way it Crumbles, Leave Room For Dessert, Grab Your Fork, Foraging Otaku, Pikelet & Pie, Ooh, Look…, and finally, Something to Nibble on

So here are some photos of some of the tasty treats on offer. I am experimenting a little with my photography having started a class. If the pics look crap, I apologise in advance!

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Ikea, Rhodes

ikea_pansIkea: It’s not the place I think of when thinking food. I do however,  think of drawer organisers, the klippan sofa that everyone I know had at university, and kitchenware bought when I first moved out of home.  Living in the inner city and not having a car, I don’t get out to Ikea often, and when I do it’s usually a quick visit because I’m relying on a lift!

I was very surprised to receive an invitation to attend a foodblogger meet up at Ikea to try out their food and check out their products. Now this was no hardship and the perfect opportunity to figure out the public transport situation and see if it was do-able (just in case of future visits to score goodies & homewares).

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Taste on Sussex Lane, Kent Street

Birthday lunch for Ms K at work, and first stop: Taste on Sussex Lane. Having lived near the original Surry Hills outlet for sometime, I loved the new formality of the city cafe/bar/restaurant. Yet, it still manages to retain it’s laid back vibe with a roaring trade in their famous French/Viet baguettes more traditionally known as Banh Mi feeding the milling office workers around the new Westpac plaza. Our office had our Christmas Party here, and I wanted to post then, but got distracted by party games! Nestled in the bottom  of Westpac Place, overlooking the lane way shared by Small Bar, and a glistening hair salon, the space has been decked out in the most gorgeous french influenced style. On entry there is the quick serve baguette bar, with queues snaking out the door during busy lunchtimes, and to the left, entry into the restaurant proper. The first section in a glass atrium with cafe style seating, then near the bar: bar/lounge style seating and just a touch further a more formal dining area. The five of us are seated in the bar area on comfy couches and armchairs with the tricky challenge of eating off a very small table! We do, somehow manage. Checking out the menu, there is a choice of the baguettes, and more formal dining options. Between us we choose a range.

menu_tastetaste_menu_2 taste_menu_3taste_menu_4

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Made In Italy, Wynyard

york-laneIt’s freezing in Sydney today. Ridiculously so. My Deskbuddy was meant to be meeting a friend for lunch for pizza. Her friend bailed on her. I offered to fill in. Lucky me!
Made in Italy is a hole in the wall hidden away in York Lane at Wynyard.This highly unappealing lane hides away a secret treasure known to few…

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Coco Cubano, Kings Cross

*UPDATE* I was contacted by Coco Cubano owner, Tony Melham, and invited back to experience the cafe “as intended”.  Tony very kindly apologised for the mistake, and told me a little of the history of the shop (formerly a notorious crim hangout a la Underbelly, and his passion for Cuba and the amazing Cuban single origin cocoa he sources. The menu is being updated and tweaked, and the papercup mistake won’t happen again!*UPDATE*

After our lovely lunch at The Sugarmill, we were after some dessert! Luckily, we had passed by Coco Cubano on the way, and noted it’s chocolate focus, and marked it for return.

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Tosolini’s Ristorante, Caffe and Bar, Canberra

exterior-signAh, home in Canberra. The reason for this visit? A long overdue visit from the U.K. of a very close, old friend and her baby to see friends and family. First thing we did was to arrange to meet for dinner on a Friday night. Where to go!? Neither of us had any idea, and everywhere was fairly busy and not conducive to girly gossip catch up’s…Then it struck us, Tosolini’s! And we were in luck, with tables outside to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather.

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